Mt Somers Hill Agates

The agates found in the hills of Mt Somers Station are mainly found in Caves Stream and on the hills on either side of the stream, going up into the gully area from which the stream emerges.  I have found a large variety of agates in this area ranging from moss agates to fortification agates, seam agates and nodules.  The colours are subtle, but the inclusions found in the agates are really delightful.
Many years ago the Christchurch club members used to find an agate they called Fruit Salad agate in a seam on the hills on the right hand side of the gully.  They were able to probe with rods to find it.  These days, as the farm has been well grassed over the location is virtually lost.
I have found all of the agates in the upper Caves Stream, in land slips on the side of the stream, and in tracks worn by farm stock.  Access to this locality is very restricted due to stocking of sheep and deer, and it is on private land.

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