Hetties Slip Agates

Hetties Slip Agates were found in a small isolated valley on Mt Somers Station.  The agates were named after an early Canterbury rockhound and rock shop owner, Hettie Wells.  She claimed she found these agates after she roamed away from a collecting group, and slipped over in the slip and discovered them.  Over the years the agates have been more difficult to find, and have had to be dug for in quite muddy conditions.  Now a pine plantation has been planted over the area, so these agates are now unobtainable.  The colourings in the agates range from black, grey, to yellow and other earthy tones.  The slip is very close to a thin layer of coal measures, and it is most likely that this has contributed to the colours of the agates.   Click on a thumbnail to see the full sized image.

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