Joon Agates

Joon Agates are one of the rarest agates to be found in New Zealand.  They were first established as agates by John Earle and Gordon Auton  – hence the name, Joon.  They can be found in Southland at the very south end of the South Island.  Their main occurance is in the Awarua Bay estuary and and on Tiwai Beach.  Awarua Bay is a tidal estuary that does not have any turn-over of stones and material.  As the stones in the bay are stained by estuary silt, identifying them can only be done by knapping the edge of a stone to find out if it is an agate. Some Joon agates have also been found in the Hedgehope River in south/central Southland.
These agates look nothing like the traditional agate types, and it is difficult to see how they could have been formed by some of the researched agate formation theories. So,as they are very rare, and very unusual, it makes them an interesting addition to my collection.

Click on the thumbnails below to see these unusual stones.

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